About project

DESA Modern sells Polish artists’ work of art. Their online boutique had to be useful, modern and beautiful to be good background for the art.

We decided to create minimalistic design that was complemented by dynamic parts of the website.


A sophisticated yet simple graphic was connected with minimalistic, elegant typography and innovative technology solutions. Thanks to UX analysis we ran in the beginning of the project, Desa Modern’s online boutique is a perfect answer for user’s expectations and needs.

Website Desa Modern
Mobile website Desa Modern
Website Desa Modern - Apple iMac
Mobile website Desa Modern
Website Desa Modern - total
Jerzy Nowosielski, Edward Dwurnik, Hanna Bakuła – these are the chosen artists whose prints can be purchased in the online Desa Modern gallery.
Auction images
Website Desa Modern - tablet

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