Virgin Mobile

Scope of work

  • banner campaigns concept and production
  • copywriting
  • graphic design

Our task

“Create something fresh for us” – this rather short sentence was actually the heart of the brief we received from the client. The aim of the campaign commissioned by Virgin Mobile was to communicate their existing pay monthly and prepaid deals via digital channels.

As an agency, we love briefs like this. They give us a lot of freedom in coming up with creative ideas. They also demonstrate how much trust the client has in us, taking into account our skills and experience – in this case, in designing a display campaign.

However, the fact that we had very few specific guidelines didn’t mean that we were flying blind. The benchmark for the agency’s task was our previous cooperation with Virgin Mobile, which allowed the client to see how we work and how efficiently we communicate with one another.

A Cossack creation…

From the start of our work on the Virgin Mobile campaign, we were aware that there’s a lot of competition – including in the field of communications – between mobile network operators. We also knew the specific nature of the client’s target audience: young, dynamic, self-confident people who value a sense of humor.

So, in creating the campaign, we had to speak the language of the target group – without being fake and overly familiar. We set ourselves the task of presenting the Virgin Mobile prepaid and pay monthly deals in a fun and playful way, while emphasising what sets them apart from the competition.

At the same time, we wanted to use the language of benefits, generate interest and make the audience feel special.

As a result, we came up with two creations, consistent in terms of copywriting and graphic design. In the first one, we juxtaposed the figure of a Cossack warrior with the slogan
“For those who like kick-ass deals”.

In the second, we used the figure of a monarch which perfectly fit the message
“For those who expect the finer things in life”.

In both cases, the copy was linked to the distinguishing features of the deals: clearly emphasised attractive prices and benefits for customers.

… and on to production.

After receiving a rave review of the key visuals from the client, we got started on the production stage. It consisted in putting together a master of animations and reformats in line with the specific guidelines of the selected publishers and online platforms.

In this regard, we worked closely with the media agency which was in charge of media buying for the digital campaign. The partnership turned out to be fruitful for both sides – thanks to the list of precise specifications that we received, we were able to quickly and efficiently prepare the produced formats for broadcast.

Great communication between 1000digital, Virgin Mobile, and the media agency once again played a key role in ensuring that this stage ran smoothly and was a success.

This shows the importance of mutual support and trust in the client-agency relationship, from the very beginning to the end of the creation process.

The end result

Although we’re still waiting for the final hard data from the results of our campaign, we, together with Virgin Mobile, already have cause for satisfaction. The client’s sales performance, thanks to the campaign created by 1000digital, turned out to be much higher than in the case of the previous campaign!

We’re glad that this campaign gave us not only a lot of freedom and the room to let our creativity run wild, but also a satisfied client who knew that they were entrusting the work to an experienced team with extensive skills in the digital field.

Banner campaigns

1000digital are a dream come true. Thanks to them, I can be sure that the materials for the online campaign will be ready on time… and will look amazing!

Piotr Supronowicz, marketing manager at Virgin Mobile

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