Scope of work

  • creative concept
  • key visual
  • explainer
  • digital campaign

VOX is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture and interior design products on the Polish market. For years, the company has been focusing on the latest technological solutions. The idea for VOXBOX – the app that would help consumers plan their dream apartment or house step by step – was in development for some time.

Our task

Our aim was to market the VOXBOX web application. The app allows the user to plan the interior of their apartment or house inch by inch in a simple and intuitive way, to select the right furniture to match the space, and to configure it in such a way as to best meet the homeowners’ requirements.

Adjust the space to suit your needs

We started work on the VOXBOX campaign by observing consumer behaviour and conducting a thorough market analysis. While working on this project, we wanted in large part to find out how people design their apartments and houses – what tools do they use, what problems and obstacles do they face?

It turned out that there are as many ideas for interior design as there are people! The home is a place where everyone spends time in a different way, and the space itself fulfils different functions for each of us: we need a place to rest, work, or just relax.

The creative concept “Create a place” which we designed corresponds with the overarching VOX campaign “At home”; it draws on freedom of choice and puts the user in the spotlight.

We based the main idea on two versions: in one, we design the space with a specific user in mind – for example, a family, a young couple, or children. In the second version, we focused on the functions of the given room or their entire layout – should it be a kitchen, a dining room, or perhaps a living room?

The key visual which we designed as part of the campaign was also created in two versions

We wanted to present the possibilities of the VOXBOX tool in a simple way, and to show that the application is very intuitive to use, so everyone can use it to the extent that suits them best.

As VOXBOX is an innovative tool on the Polish interior design market, we decided to produce an explainer video as additional support for the communications strategy.

This provided the opportunity to tell the potential consumer in a visual way about the possibilities of the tool, and to present it in the context of the creative concept we designed, thus strengthening positive associations with the brand.

The biggest challenge was not only to market the VOXBOX tool, but also to present its possibilities to the consumer in order to encourage them to experiment on their own. We wanted to demonstrate all the features available in the application, while assuring the consumer that using it is child’s play and that anyone can do it successfully.

In order to encourage users to familiarise themselves with the product, we also conducted an extensive digital campaign, which brought users directly to the VOXBOX tool on the website.

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