About project

Introducing a new product is always a challenge. Kenyan tea producer needed a visual communication that would be consistent for the whole product line.

We decided to use exotic provenience of the brand and use graphic designs known from traditional Massai art. We created a dynamic visual identification to adapt designs to various use. The designs are based on image of animals typical for Africa: lion, giraffe, elephant and rhinoceros. Colors are taken from Massai culture work.


We created a series of consistent graphic projects. The designs vary depending on tea flavour. The colors and designs are connected to brand’s country of origin.

Parametry herbat Mara Chai
Torby herbat Mara Chai
Kubki Marachai
Materiały reklamowe Mara Chai
We wanted the branding to give the impression of something exotic and unusual at first glance. Maciej Młynek, creative director
Przepis Mara Chai
Faktura Mara Chai

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