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Danone’s social campaign for hunger between Polish children is organised for over 10 years under a name “Share your meal”. The client needed new graphic projects, printed and digital, and also engaging materials for the employees for inside communication.

Visual communication for “Share your meal” campaign is consistent for years. Changes we needed to perform had to be small to maintain recognizability. But in the same time new projects had to be refreshed and modern.


Hand sketches are one of a kind so we decided to use them in our designs. We created POS materials with brand hero character, inspired by classical superheroes look (Superman & Batman).

Website Danone
Super hero Danone
Food collection poster
Diploma - thanks
Food Collection Cards
It is a great satisfaction to work on a project that helps to achieve such a noble goal as the “Share a Meal” action. Przemysław Mijal, project manager
Acknowledgment for 1100000 meals for children.

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